Desert Raid is a tourist event designed for expedition and adventure lovers guidance on testing arena with ATVs. It is not a race, rally o raid, it is a test of skill whose goal is to complete a tour of 5 stages by locating waypoints.

The objective of each stage is to design and execute the best strategy that will allow us to go through all the Obligatory step controls (CPO) marked by the Organization and get the highest score of the Voluntary step control (CPV) wich we'll find along the way, without exceeding the limit of distance and time marked by the Organization.

It is a unique international event format that ensures the adventure and fun 100%, and with wich team designs its own itinerary and decide at what speed it want to complete each stage.

All stages are 100% navigation, strategy and sand.

Each team chooses its strategy. The limit is set each.


(Waypoints for which it is obligatory to pass). All CPO have the same score. All categories have the same CPO

(As its name suggests, they are voluntary waypoints). They are scattered along the route to follow and its function is allow teams to get extra points to improve its ranking in the classification. The CPV score depends on its difficulty. The EXTEM category boasts exclusive CPV, some very technical.

DESERT RAID is an adventure tourism event where the best score gets who designs and complete the most efficient route. For this reason, each stage has a maximum time to complete it without haste and enjoying the path. Although, once excedeed the maximum time TME, a penalty will be applied

As with the time, each stage has a maximum travel distance to complete it. Once exceeded the limit, a penalty will be applied


  • 4Geared x4
  • Spade, Sling and 2 plates of sand
  • Radio station of 2 meters


  • Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • Car factsheet, Circulation and green card permit
  • If one of the members of the team is not the owner of the vehicle ( the owner is a company or another person), the pilot must have the corresponding authorization ( ask the organization for the model)