DESERT RAID is an international challenge 100% off road inspired by the spirit of the first African races.

There are so many descriptions, as personal experiences of the participants: whereas for some ones it means rescuing the essence of the first dakars, for others it means exceeding a physical and personal limit , and for others it means living the adventure of his life, but certainly everyone will enjoy and have fun to the fullest ...!

DDESERT RAID is above all a personal adventure in which the values are particularly relevant

Improvement and positive attitude
From the Organization we ask that teams an adventurous spirit and a positive attitude to overcome successfully all stages. Mechanics and driving technique are important, But what will take us to the goal is our mental toughness and our attitude to the difficulties. It is not a rally for professionals, but the desert require us the best of each.

Respect and fellowship with other teams: Although this is a competition, it is still more important that all teams meet together at the end of each stage. Just as in the first dakars: compete and share (today for you, tomorrow for me). The real desert , can be very demanding and very generous at the same time, and it will depend on our attitude and alliances how we overcome obstacles.

The challenges are best overcome with humour and sportive spirit, and the greatest satisfaction is to reach the goal, after having helped and have been helped by other teams. The concept of "team work" takes its maximum relevance in a challenge like this. As soon we soon discover it, much better...!