The serious attack occurred last June in Tunisia, together with the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and the statements of Foreign Secretary UK, Philip Hammond, the day 9 July stating that the risk of a new attack in Tunisia is highly probable, We recommend us exceptionally change the setting for this edition 2015, preserving its spirit 100% adventure.

With the aim to maintain as far as possible a route that runs mainly on large sand dunes, we present the special edition Desert Raid 2015 that cross the 3 Ergs of the great southern Morocco: Chebbi - Ouzina - Chegaga, Forbidden keeping track of Dakar, and maintaining 100% the characteristics and spirit of Desert Raid.

This special edition will, as, with stages 100% navigation and guidance dunes, rivers of sand, References navigation tests, and night stages. Always walk dune overnights, and no tarmac, true to our philosophy 100% off road.

As the path of Tunisia, This itinerary of 3 Ergs is designed for adventure lovers, strategy and driving in sand.

It is a suitable test for any 4x4 equipped with gearbox, without large investments or technical preparations.

We maintain Adventure and Extreme categories, the latter designed for teams that want to test their skills in a harsh and demanding tours, requiring skill and experience in driving on sand.


Desert Raid is a challenge on sand dunes where the most important is the strategy and technique of driving on sand.

Se divide en 5 stages and the goal is to get the highest score through a series of waypoints (some mandatory and some voluntary, whose value depends on the difficulty), so each team must design its own strategy according to their possibilities, without exceeding the limits of time and distance set by the Organization for each stage.

As the setting for this year allows us, in this issue 2015 we will have a fun night navigation stage sand rivers, tracks and adunas.

And also with a Stage Visual Navigation References, that will limit the counseling skills of all participants.

It is therefore a very exciting and fun edition, designed as always by a professional and experienced organization, using all possibilities offered by a safe country like Morocco, desert which allows us to develop this special edition, in which they will accommodate experienced pilots looking great challenges (Extrem category), and teams with less experience but eager to live the spirit of adventure Desert Raid.

Undoubtedly, Adventure category is an opportunity for those wishing to start enjoying sailing competitions 4x4.


11 October (Sunday). ERFOUD
Starting at 15 hours, checks in Erfoud.
Hotel accommodation. (half board)

12 October (Monday). ERFOUD-Erg Chebbi
Navigation stage in dunes in the Erg Chebbi.
Difficulty: Medium and High.
Duration 9 hours.
Hostel accommodation (half board)

13 October (Tuesday). Erg Chebbi - Erg Chebbi.
Navigation stage in dunes in the Erg Chebbi and Erg Tizzi.
Difficulty: Medium and High.
Duration 8 hours.
Hostel accommodation. (half board)
14 October (Wednesday) ERG CHEBBI - ERG CHEGGAGA
Navigation stage with three sectors:

1. Sector Navigation in dunes at Erg Ouzzina.
2. Sector hamadas navigation and visual references valleys and hidden waypoints.
3. Sector night navigation in rivers of sand and dunes.

Difficulty: Media. Duration 9 hours
Camp accommodation organized (with all the comforts and MP).
15 October (Thursday) ERG CHEGGAGA - ERG CHEGGAGA
Step navigation Erg Chegaga Dunes in.
Difficulty Medium and High.
Duration 8 hours.
Camp accommodation organized (with all the comforts and MP)

16 October (Friday) ERG CHEGGAGA - MAHMID
Navigation stage in dunes in the Erg and Erg Chegagga Lihoudi.
Difficulty Medium and High.
Duration 7 hours.
Hotel accommodation (half board)

17 October (Saturday) MAHMID – MARRAKECH
Road link.
Duration: 8 hours
Dinner and Award Ceremony.
Hotel accommodation. (half board)