November 2019

12th edition

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DESERT RAID It is a challenge in 4x4 on sand dunes and recovers the spirit of adventure of the first Dakars: being the first to open tracks and pass through very few pass.

The objective of DESERT RAID is, above all, enjoying desert and challenge our own limits.

It is true that to cross the Tunisian desert some experience is required, at least to go into the Great Eastern Erg, and much more is still needed to arrange a test of this nature.

Organizing or participating in a race for Morocco it's not the same as, where the adventure is very tame, doing it in Tunisia, Libia or Angola. There is nothing comparable. But you have to experience it to know it.

For this reason we organize several editions, with different levels of difficulty.
On one side there are the editions of Morocco, at reach of any amateur, that allow them entering to the world of off-road driving and navigation and acquire experience and knowledge to be able to participate after in other editions in a more complex and commited environment , as the Great Oriental Erg of Tunisia, Erg Murzuk in Libya, (when conditions would allow it), Grand Erg Occidental or Algeria.

Our trips are organized by Iridis Travel and Raids Globe Trotter are characterized by their exclusivity.
We do not just arrange a trip or a contest, we seek spectacularity and adventure, like sensations lived by participants in the first Dakars: effort, companionship and constant improvement.

In 2019 we celebrate the 12th anniversary of DESERT RAID, and we do it with an exclusive edition only suitable for experienced pilots.
DESERT RAID 2019 It will be held in November 2019.

If you are thinking about participating, we just want to give you a tip : prepare your car as well as you can, but remember that what you will to the finish line will be your enthusiasm and your desire to overcome challenges, and when you will get to the finish on the last day, your satisfaction and your smile will be limitless.

And one last warning: this adventure hooks and is unforgetable.

Welcome to DESERT RAID!



  • SUPERB ..! As said Thierry Sabine: "I will take you to the gates of the adventure ... but it's up to you to open and challenge fate" ...
    Hervé Vagner - Jacqueline Vagner (Dorsal 30 - Toyota HDJ80 - France)
  • Unique adventure ...!
    Andrea d'Angelo (Dorsal 33 - Land Rover - Italy)
  • unique adventure
    Detinenko - Servetok (Dorsal 21 - Toyota - Russia)
  • Desert Raid can not be described with words ... must live and suffer !!
    Font - Font (Dorsal 28 - Land Rover - The Empordà)
  • Impeccable organization !
    Lamy - Brown (Dorsal 49 - Toyota - France)
  • Being finisher Desert Raid ... is all a personal success
    Garre - Masnou (Dorsal 43 - Toyota - Spain)
  • A nightmare .... that grabs!
    Perez - Casals (Dorsal 80 - Toyota - Spain)
  • A great rally ...!
    Joos (Dorsal 61- Hummer - Belgium)
  • Tracking first Dakars ...
    Debias - Debias (Dorsal 10 - Nissan - France)